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Kendo is such a hard sport.  In kendo, we must strike four parts of our enemy's body, MEN (head), KOTE (hands), TSUKI (throat), and MONE (chest & stomach).  

This sport looks easy, but it is very difficult and interesting.  Only someone who has tried kendo can truly understand how difficult it is.  

Have you ever seen the protectors we use for kendo?  They are very heavy.  But, we must be strong and move quickly despite this heavy equipment.  It is very hard.  In the summer, we sweat so much that our equipment gets soaked and becomes heavier.  In the winter we must walk with bare feet even though it is so cold.  It is very painful.

Have you ever seen a kendo match?  The good players attack and defend so fast that it is hard to know whom the winner is until after the match.  It is very exciting to watch.  

Kendo is a hard sport, but we become stronger by practicing it.  It is also an important part of our culture.  If you have the chance to see a kendo match, you should go and see it.  I'm sure that you'll be excited!  

By Yuko Kimura


Japan is an island.  Therefore, there are strange habits in Japan.  I feel that those habits are interesting things.  Today, I will tell you about 'Seppuku.'  

Seppuku is when a samurai cuts his own stomach.  You may think that this is a crazy thing to do, but seppuku is an important part of a warrior's life.  It is a way to keep their honor.  

This habit continued until about 50 years ago.  Today, it is rare for anyone to commit seppuku.  What do you think about seppuku?  Now, we usually die from illness or accidents.  This habit is an interesting thing.

        Written by Masumi Takemoto