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Hi, everyone! My name is Emi Watanbe. I teach classical literature, but I like watching stars very much. My signatures are loading Saturn and Mars Survey Satellites, and one of my acquaintances will become an astronaut at NASA ( She is now an astronaut candidate).

Now, I'd like to explain about the eclipse. An eclipse happens when the order of the sun, the moon and the Earth overlap. One more condition is the moon's shape. The eclipse always happens when there is a full moon. Look at the chart below. If the order of the sun, the moon, and the Earth overlap, a solar eclipse happens, because the moon covers the sun. The sun is larger than the moon, but there is a long distance between the sun and the moon. When the sun covers the moon, a solar eclipse occurs.  But apparent size of the sun is a little larger than the moon., we can watch an annular eclipse of the sun and see a beautiful diamond ring.

On the other hand, if the order of the sun, the Earth and the moon overlap lunar eclipse happens, because the shadow of the Earth covers all of the moon.  This phenomenon gradually happens, so the moon gradually disappeared. With a total eclipse of the moon is turning red because the shadow of the Earth cuts the light of the other prism.  Why is the sky of the evening glow red? Because the moon of a total eclipse turns red and the evening sky glow is red using the same principle.

By the way do you know there was a partial eclipse of the moon this month? On July 28th of last year, you could have watched it in Japan (wherever you live).

By Emi Watanabe